The Gretna weather station was established in April 1996 and is located in the Tiburon subdivision about 3.5 miles east-northeast of Gretna, Nebraska (latitude 41.1586° N, longitude 96.1922° W, elevation 1240 feet). This has been a National Weather Service coopertive observing station since it was established (Gretna 4NE/GRAN1). Meteorological data are measured with a Davis Vantage Pro2 wireless weather station. The anemometer and solar sensors are mounted on the roof about 30 feet above ground level with temperature, humidity, and rainfall measured in the back yard (station pictures). Data from this station are also available via the Citizen Weather Observing Program and Weather Underground.

Other Area Weather Stations
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A: Omaha - Downtown Dundee
B: Bellevue - Blue Ridge
C: Bellevue - Two Springs
D: Bellevue - Sunrise
E: Omaha - Bent Creek
F: Papillion - Edgewater
G: West of Underwood, IA
H: Carter Lake, IA
I: Northwest of Gretna
J: La Vista - Vintage Glen
K: Ashland - Iron Horse
L: Offutt AFB
M: Valley - Pines Golf Course
N: Louisville - Southridge
O: Collum
P: Northwest of Yutan
Q: Bennington - Pheasant Point
R: Douglas-Sarpy Extension Office

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